Frequently Asked Questions

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Where Does CBE Meet?

CBE meets every Thursday at Burton’s Grill in the Shops in Stonefield from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm. Check our Events Calendar for details.

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How Often Can I Visit Before Joining?

We allow guests two visits with no commitment to join the group.

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What's An "RB"?

RB stands for “relationship builder”.  Members who spend time getting to know other members outside of the weekly meetings get the highest quality referrals.

Consider Becoming a Member if you…

  • Are committed to acting with honesty and integrity
  • Wish to grow your business
  • Want to help others grow their businesses
  • Are available and willing to commit to attending weekly CBE meetings
  • Do not offer a product or service provided by an existing CBE member

If you are interested in membership information or would like to attend a meeting as a guest, please use the contact option below or reach out to any active member.

The Charlottesville Business Exchange philosophy states: CBE believes in the good of its members to uphold the highest of professional and personal ethics. We are driven by the ideals of honesty, integrity, sincerity and respect for each other and for those with whom we come in contact daily. We strive to provide trusted referrals to trusted business partners. We believe that through a commitment to the organization, we enhance and nurture a culture to grow each other’s businesses through “word of mouth” referral. Therefore this agreement, which rests on the foundation of our Bylaws, sets forth the value system that brings accountability to the Charlottesville Business Exchange and its members.

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If you are interested in becoming a member, please review and fill out a membership application.  Your application will be reviewed by our Membership VP and you will be contacted for an interview.

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